A Caribbean brand in expansion

Emerald® High-Quality Products is a brand established in Curacao in 2012. The paradisiacal island is the hub of our commercial activities and, from here, we supply our products to other locations in The Caribbean (like Aruba, Bonaire and Bahamas) through Firgos Trade B.V., our strategic partner.
We hope you enjoy learning more about us!

our clients are first

Our clients deserve high-quality products at a very competitive price

Emerald® offers four lines of products: disposables, recyclables, eco-friendly and
products for long-term use. Each item of our still growing portfolio offers you the best value for your money. Our Disposable and Recyclable lines bring you sanitary safety at the top standards.
The Emerald® Eco-Friendly line helps to protect our environment while the products for long-term use will be by your side in perfect shape for a large period of time.

The Emerald® brand: a vote for honesty and top values

At Emerald®, we know that we depend on trust and open communication with our clients and consumers in order to succeed and create long-term commercial relationships. As a local brand with a global perspective, Emerald® establishes top standards for the manufacturers, providers, shipping companies and commercial partners involved in the productive chain.
All our providers meet and renew international certifications for each stage of the production process (raw materials, fabrication, quality control) and for business honesty (sustainability, working conditions, fair trade and human rights, among others).

Emerald® High-Quality Products: unstoppable evolution

For a while, you'll see two Emerald® logos in the market. This could be a little confusing but it's an inevitable stage in brand evolution. "New Logo, Same High-Quality" is our passing slogan, so you may expect the very traditional top quality standards in all the products branded with the new Emerald® logo. We hope you find our new image fresher, clearer, more contemporary and a symbol of the authenticity of our commitment with our institutional clients and general consumers. Our new logo shows our ability to change, which is the key to success. Thank you for trusting ‘both shapes’ of the Emerald® brand.

Gommert-Jan Krijger
CEO, Director
Errol Manuel
Carla Lispier
Finance Director
History Timeline
October 2018
Two new lines of high-quality products are welcome

Emerald® was no longer a brand for disposable and recyclable products only. With the introduction of the new lines of Eco-friendly Products and Goods for Long-term Use, the Emerald® brand strives for success in new market niches. The actual product portfolio offers more than 340 items.

January 2015
Joyfully growing up

The Emerald® products portfolio grew up 175% becoming the larger disposables and recyclable products portfolio offered by a local company. The brand won a reputation in the Curacao and Bonaire markets, while planning new steps on expanding the products catalog.

March 2013
Bonaire welcomes Emerald®

Inspired by the positive reception of the Emerald® High-Quality Products in Curacao —and in the good hands of an experienced partner— the Emerald® brand started operations in fellow island Bonaire. Thirty-five new disposable and recyclable products were launched in Curacao and Bonaire.

June 2012
Introducing the Emerald® High-Quality Products

The first step is half the way!... It wasn't easy to get it, but the Emerald® brand for High-Quality Products became real. With a strong plan based on our previous business experience, and tons of optimism, our first twenty Emerald® products are available in the Curaçao market.