Food is happiness (period)

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong but, suddenly, the delicious and satisfying flavours of food came to the rescue?. The Emerald® Recyclable Aluminum Cookware is the very right tool when you’re determined to save somebody else’s day with your inspiring, unforgettable culinary artworks.

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July 11, 2019

An inspiring meal can make your day

Yes, we all have had some of those days. But having a good dinner made by the very hands of the chef or their cooks can bring us from hell to heaven. And for that, we better don’t forget to thank the chef (and the chef better don’t forget to be grateful for his tools).

As our many satisfied customers have come to know, the Emerald® Recyclable Aluminum Cookware is the right tool in the kitchen. It offers thick gauge, heavy-duty strong pans made out of superior quality aluminum foil. Once you get tired of other brand’s flimsy aluminum trays you’ll be ready to try our sturdy, durable and functional set of aluminum cooking pans.

Serving everywhere

You steal the heart of relatives and friends by their stomachs. The half and large sizes of the Emerald® Recyclable Cookware are perfect for family dinner parties, birthdays, BBQ, gathering, outing and many other occasions. Their full curl rims provide grip for easy handling and serving. Our small-size pans with lids keep food warm and fresh. They’re great when taking food for someone and never mind to take the container back.

Your revealed cooking partner

The Emerald® Aluminum Cookware is perfect for catering party portions.

Your ability to pay tribute to your clients through your culinary revelations will find in the Emerald® trays the perfect partner for broiling, baking, roasting, grilling, marinating and cooking all kind of pies, casseroles, cakes and lots more. You can trust our trays. They heat food evenly and withstands temperatures up to 500º Fahrenheit while being safe for use in freezer, oven and steam table.

Emerald® cookware offers a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Show your talent on cooking and stand apart from the competitors

If you’re ready to turn your food supply business from well-known to legendary you may not forget to include the Emerald® Recyclable Aluminum pans and trays in your buying list. For your culinary work (should we say artwork?), having the right cooking tools is as important as getting the freshest ingredients. The Emerald® Cookware is durable, functional and enables easy use. Emerald® is your most convenient recyclable solution to transport and serve meals anywhere.

Where to find the Emerald® Foil Cookware?

As a regular customer, you may find the Emerald® Foil Cookware in a large number of supermarkets, minimarkets, home & appliances shops, convenient stores, ‘tokos’ and ‘snaks’ all around Curaçao and Bonaire.

Institutional clients may ask for the Emerald® High-Quality Products at Firgos Curaçao and Firgos Bonaire. Once you are in contact, you’ll receive a schedule for face-to-face client attention and old school hands-on personal service. Our salespeople are ready to listen to your needs and to advise you on making the most of the Emerald® products. Just call us!... nothing pleases us more than to make you happy with our products.

Business partners and international clients may contact Firgos Curacao.

Firgos Curacao: 5999 4616999. Parera Business Park, Asielweg. Willemstad.

Firgos Bonaire: 599 7174249. Kaya Tintorero, Bonaire. Caribbean Netherlands.

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