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Emerald® Nature Friendly Cold Cup 10 oz

50-Pack · 20 Packs per case · 1000 Cups per case · 10 oz (295 ml) · Less than 20% plastic involved · Perfect for institutional supplies, food supply, catering, take-out, events and family meetings · 2 sleeves pack reorder code: EMEPAPC101.
$ 1.00 
$ 1.00 

Let's take care of our planet with the Emerald® Nature-Friendly Paper Cold Cup. A high-quality cup made with premium food-grade paper board. Each cup contains 80% compostable cellulose fiber and offers a strong single-wall body with tapered sides. The inner PE lining keeps the cup from getting soggy and helps keeping the beverage cool. The tough rim provides additional rigidness · Dimensions: 8 cm top x 5,3 cm bottom x 11,4 cm height · Weight: xx gm container, xx gm pack, xx kg case.

Dimensions (cm)
  • Lenght:
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