Your needs on institutional supplies are no longer a headache

Our brand defines who we are and what we do. Through the Emerald® products we are building strong commercial relations for institutional supplies with all our customers in Curaçao, Bonaire and The Caribbean. Our passion is to make your day by supplying you with the best Emerald® products. The Emerald® customers and business partners are the reason for us to continue growing on innovation and seeking for success.

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Gommert-Jan Krijger

Emerald® High-Quality Products CEO and Director.

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July 1, 2019

A quality brand; a trustworthy supplier

Imagine one only reliable brand covering an important part of your needs on institutional supplies. That’s Emerald®!

Emerald® offers a wide range of high-quality products that you may trustfully include in your institutional, commercial and personal buying lists:
. Office products (A4 paper, thermal paper rolls, cash receipt books).
. Soft papers for restroom, kitchen and personal care.
. Foodservice (Eco-friendly food containers and boxes; chafing fuel and lamp fuel).
. Tableware (recyclable and eco-friendly plates, cups and cutlery. A large range of napkins).
. Cookware (disposable aluminum trays and foil).
. Recyclable and 100% degradable plastic bags.
. Trash bags.

Always ready to assist our clients

As a regular customer, you may find the Emerald® Recyclable Products in a large number of supermarkets, minimarkets, home & appliances shops, convenient stores, ‘tokos’ and ‘snaks’ all around Curaçao and Bonaire.

Institutional clients and business partners may ask for the Emerald® High-Quality Products at Firgos Curaçao and Firgos Bonaire. Once you are in contact, you’ll receive a schedule for face-to-face client attention and old school hands-on personal service. Our salespeople are ready to listen to your needs and to advise you on making the most of the Emerald® products. Just call us!... nothing pleases us more than to make you happy with our products.

Business partners and international clients may contact Firgos Curacao.

Firgos Curacao: 5999 4616999. Parera Business Park, Asielweg. Willemstad.

Firgos Bonaire: 599 7174249. Kaya Tintorero, Bonaire. Caribbean Netherlands.

Working with passion

The high-quality of the Emerald® products make us stand apart from the competition. Our top standards have enabled us to grow as a strong brand. You’re very welcome to find out the reasons why you can depend on the Emerald® Products. Let’s build together a cost-effective commercial tie.

Saving your time

Since our inception in 2012, the Emerald® Products have prided themselves on providing the highest quality and best value to our customers. Save time and money by including the Emerald® products in your institutional, commercial and domestic shopping lists.
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